Nunkis History

Designed and manufactured exclusively in France, NUNKIS is a high-end handbag brand for women and men, focusing on rare, exotic skins, based on high-quality leathers. Launched in 2010 by Noreen Sallusti, the collection appeals to a nomadic and eclectic clientele, with busy lifestyles and an innate understanding of luxury. Perfect for the carefree jet set, NUNKIS is a subtle and seductive line, with a cosmopolitan flair and contemporary edge. Aiming for perfection and harmonious shapes, Sallusti modernized the concept of the luxury handbag, avoiding the unnecessary and reinventing beloved classics. Their ongoing exploration of new techniques and intricate finishes allows them to come up with striking shapes and key colors each season, becoming essential complements to a real wardrobe.

The styles are carefully crafted by French artisans, for whom the inside of a handbag matters just as much as the outside. Their contrast deluxe linings and metal accents -to saddle stitching à la main and the signature bleu roi standing for the brand- NUNKIS France pushes individuality with a fine selection of clutches, satchels and large city bags.

The key inspiration within the line is mythology -whether it is Greek or Roman- underlining the importance of ancient symbols and shared narratives. Designed by Sallusti, the hardware featured on all NUNKIS bags referenced to antique shields and warrior armors, highlighting the graphic nature of her work. Cleverly balancing East and West, the collection reworks exotic leathers in a modern way -such as Galuchat, Eel Skin or Sting Ray combined with Lambskin- giving them softness and strength. Several textures coexist within several styles, reconciling opposites and underlining the beauty of contrasts.

Noreen Sallusti
Nunkis-Noreen Sallusti

Graduated from l’Ecole Supérieure de la Mode à Paris, Ready-to-Wear specialization, in 1996. Her driven passion for Arts has continued on until 1998 with the Atelier de Louvre in the famous facilities of Ecole Camondo.
She has created her own universe between Fashion and Architecture and has founded NUNKIS in 2009. She is also the Creative and Artistic Director of the house's brand.