Photography by Hassan Kurbanbaev

Three images derived from some of Hassan Kurbanbaev's work were selected to complete architectural, fashion windows project for the events of the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, henceforth, designed by N. Sallusti, the brand's Artistic Director. At that time, N. Sallusti inspired the project's theme from the nominated and award winning French film 'The Artist' with actor Jean Dujardin.

Hassan is a graduate of Tashkent Institute of Arts named after Mannon Uygur, Faculty of " Cinema-Tv and Radio"

Some of his works were architectural and monumental photographies from his own country, Uzbekistan, wherein, he has also conducted some editorials in those subjects for such magazines as Swide By Dolce & Gabbana Publications, Oyster Australia, AAA Magazine England, Io Donna September, and others.